Sedation Dentistry

Next to speaking in public, visiting the dentist is high on the list of anxieties people have. When you have dental anxiety about doing anything we know that it can be difficult to control.  One way to address this is with sedation (non-local anesthesia) dentistry.

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Sedation dentists in Roseville can ease your anxiety and fear of a dental visit

This treatment option is very safe with minimal complications. There are common protocols for determining your eligibility to use sedation. Your dentist will discuss these with you. Sedation dentistry, which is different than sleep dentistry, involves the use of a pill or nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to relax patients during their dental treatment. This is especially helpful for patients who dread going to the dentist because of severe anxieties or dental phobias.If you’ve been avoiding going to the dentist because you were afraid, then seeing a sedation dentist may be right for you. There are three levels of dental sedation.

  • Mild – We prescribe anti-anxiety medication to create a mild sedation. Patients take their oral medication an hour before treatment. The level of relaxation determines whether they will take another dose.

  • Moderate – Laughing gas or a stronger pharmaceutical drugs create a moderate sedation.

  • Deep – General anesthesia through the use of intravenous medications induces a deep sedation.

Some common symptoms of dental phobia
  • Nervous feelings that escalate in the dental office reception area

  • Feeling ill at the thought of visiting the dentist

  • Difficulty sleeping the night before a dental exam

Will my sedation dentist make sure it is right for me?

Sedation Dentistry is a safe option for many who would like to avoid the very real fear and anxiety of going to the dentist.

Sedation dentistry is a term that refers to the use of anesthesia during dental procedures. Our Roseville sedation dentists keeps the patient conscious during treatment. We use it during treatment for anxious patients with lengthy procedures. You may also be a candidate for sedation therapy if you exhibit these symptoms.

  • Dental phobia

  • Dental anxiety

  • A strong gag reflex

  • A difficulty with dental local anesthesia or numbness

  • Difficulty controlling movements due to cerebral palsy or Parkinson’s disease

Approximately 30-40 million Americans avoid seeing their dentist because of dental anxiety. People with dental anxiety have fears that are often exaggerated. Dental phobia is a more serious condition. They experience an overwhelming terror and panic when it comes time to see the dentist. They often avoid their dental appointment altogether. If they do go, they cannot sleep the night before, and may become ill in the waiting room. Sedation dentists make it possible for these people to get the dental care they need.

Our Roseville sedation dentists use two types of sedatives in our dental practice

  • Nitrous Oxide “Laughing gas” is a colorless gas with a sweet odor and taste. When inhaled, it produces insensitivity to pain and may lighten the mood by creating a feeling of happiness and a desire to laugh.

  • Oral sedation involves taking an oral analgesic or sedative one hour before treatment. When the medication kicks in, the patient becomes extremely relaxed, and drifts into a dream-like state. After the dental procedure, some patients have very little or no memory of their procedure.

Sedation dentists Dr. Kwan and Dr. Hsu choose oral conscious sedation dentistry and believe it is safe and effective. Patients who take medications should consult with their doctor before taking sedatives. It is also important for you to tell us about any previous allergic reactions.