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In Patient Reviews by Dr. Arthur Kwan - August 8, 2010

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When writing about my smile it’s hard to know where to start, first a little about me. My name is Shanon Glezen; I am a military spouse, mother of three, and Ms. East Coast Globe 2006.

I have never concentrated on my physical appearance, as every one does I have “quirks” I would like to change, but I came to accept them long ago-they are part of who I am. With each child I spent less time focusing on my appearance and just tried to stay caught up with day to day activities and chores.

When the opportunity to get my smile makeover came I was admittedly hesitant. I was nervous to fly across the country to see a dentist – I cringe when its time just to get my teeth cleaned. However, with the opportunity there I couldn’t get the flaws with my smile out of my head. I had a great smile, I used it often, but it was very gummy and as an adult I would “half smile” to avoid focusing on it. Suddenly that was all I could think about and I knew I wanted it changed.

After talking to Dr. Kwan at Nu Smile I knew that my journey would be well worth it. The process is certainly not instant gratification, but with help from a great staff and MAC Veneers we were able to complete my smile makeover prior to competing in the Ms US Globe Pageant in Palm Springs, California. What an exciting adventure it became.

I was able to walk with my head high and smile bright amongst a sea of beautiful women. I felt like I belonged and that my smile reflected my personality for the judges. However, no tiara could compare to the life long change my smile has made.

I can’t express what my smile has truly done for me because there are no words. I can say it has made me smile bigger and more freely. That despite my other “quirks” my smile is now not one of them.