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At Nu Smile in Roseville, we provide smile solutions for the whole family. You and your children receive personalized dental care with every visit. Our goal with pediatric and general family dentistry is always to provide your entire family with a comfortable atmosphere, using state-of-the-art technology for safe and effective treatments.

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“When writing about my smile it’s hard to know where to start, first a little about me. My name is Shanon Glezen; I am a military spouse, mother of three, and Ms. East Coast Globe 2006. I have never concentrated on my physical appearance, as every one does I have “quirks” I would like to change, but I came to accept them long ago-they are part of who I am. With each child I spent less time focusing on my appearance and just tried to stay caught up with day to day activities and chores…”

Shanon G. – ★★★★★
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“Everyone in the office takes good care of you. It’s almost like a spa setting-music of your choice to listen to during your procedure, pillows, blankets and a warm towel afterwards. Completely professional atmosphere, but comforting as well. And, my sensitive tooth is so much better! I will highly recommend Dr. Kwan and his staff to anyone!”

Rhonda C. – ★★★★★

Dr. Kwan and all the staff at Nu Smile are so encouraging. First he recognized that due to my years of mismatched dental work my bite was very misaligned. After diagnosis and an orthotic treatment, he recommended reconstruction of my uppers. I now have a mouth that works! Not only am I waiting for my beautiful new top teeth, I have decided to do this right and do my lowers!

Nina J. – ★★★★★

Life now is wonderful. I feel so much more at ease. I feel good. I don’t have all those symptoms anymore. Here they are able to do this by putting veneers on and building your teeth up to correct your problem so not only do you get a beautiful smile, but it corrects your problem. When you have a beautiful smile you are going to exude confidence. You can’t help it. Even if your face is made up, if you have beautiful teeth, it’s amazing how much more you smile. It’s such a wonderful experience we didn’t even care about the cost because the expense was nothing compared to how you are treated by everybody [at Nu Smile]. It’s a relaxing atmosphere, it’s wonderful, and you can’t even associate it with a dentist’s office. It’s been a beautiful experience for my family and me. I seek perfection and they gave perfection! We love it! We won’t even go anywhere else. Dr. Kwan and Dr. Hsu are wonderful!

Mary G. – ★★★★★

Since becoming a patient at Dr. Kwan’s dental office, I actually enjoy my experience- candles, soft music, blankets, pillows, warm towelettes, coffee, tea, water, cookies…and I am also treated as a friend. I experienced no pain while my teeth were being worked on…Laughter, jokes and a genuine interest in me makes me happy to have chosen Dr. Kwan as my dentist. And my teeth look great! Thank you Dr. Kwan!

Carol L. – ★★★★★

Finding Dr. Kwan was the best experience of my life long quest for dental improvement. I recognized his ability, extensive knowledge and always in pursue of advancement in dentistry has assured me of my transformation from a self conscious, self doubting of yellow and misaligned front bridge to a better quality, much, much whiter teeth, more natural, finer facial look with a brilliant smile. Dr. Kwan and his staff treated me with almost friendliness. I am very happy and grateful to have this long sought smile transformation done by Dr. Kwan.

Seau Fong F. – ★★★★★

I am very confident with my new smile and love the fact that I don’t need to fuss around with lipstick as often, because no matter what color lipstick I choose, my teeth look as white as can be. The other thing that is important to me is that my smile appears very natural, and no one has ever asked if my teeth were real or veneers. As I mentioned before, a friend of mine has veneers that are so white they are blue and are not natural looking in the least. People approach me and simply ask if I bleach my teeth or don’t drink coffee. Strangers approach me daily and it always boosts your self-esteem to receive compliments about your smile.

Jennifer C. – ★★★★★

From the beginning I was approached in a non-threatening manner and never once did I feel condescending attitudes at my lack of care. The entire staff was friendly and did everything to make sure my experience was a success. The lack of pain I felt during every visit was my greatest comfort, but all the little touches at the office were awesome – from the music, massage chairs, to blankets – everything was like being at a day spa. What a positive experience!

Chris C. – ★★★★★

One year ago I started having severe headaches, neck pain and jaw pain. I mentioned it to my chiropractor and he diagnosed me with TMJ….When I went to the dentist for my next appointment, I mentioned it to him and he recommended a TMJ treatment that uses tensing and an orthotic. At my first appointment, I was hooked up to the tensing machine…that relaxed my jaw muscles so that my lower jaw fell into place. I was pleased that I felt no pain or discomfort. I had to come back a few weeks later to be fitted with the orthotic…and I noticed results immediately… With the orthotic in place, my pain stopped. I was overjoyed…My life has changed for the better. I can’t imagine my life without my orthotic…I highly recommend this procedure to anyone with TMJ.

Mr. WordPress – ★★★★★
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