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Whole-Health Dentistry in Roseville

April 16, 2019

Whole-Health dentistry is gaining in popularity because it puts the focus on your health, not what your insurance company says it will cover or pay. At Nu Smile Dental in Roseville, we fulfill our promise to use the highest quality dental materials, work with the best labs and technology, and continually pursue an education in the latest advancements and science in a compassionate environment.

If you don’t feel that you are learning new ways to lead a better quality of life, including with your health and oral health it may be time to find new, highly-trained dentists’ and team; A smile team that is passionate about whole-health dentistry near you in Citrus Heights, Roseville, and Rocklin, California.

We all know that good health is essential for a high quality of life. It’s something that you take seriously and want the best doctors and best dentists to take good care of you, your mouth, and of course your teeth. When you get sick, suffer an injury, or need any dental treatment, knowing who will take care of you can help put your mind at ease and make the process more bearable.

It’s just as important to know who you will turn to when it comes to your dental health and believes in the whole-health science behind the mouth and body connection.

Choosing a dentist in the Roseville and greater Sacramento area may seem like a piece of cavity-causing cake, but have you considered visiting a dentist that focuses on your whole health and well-being?

The most important factor when considering a health care provider such as a new dentist near you is the level of care they can provide. In fact, you get to choose who you want as your dentist. You are not bound to merely select from a group of dentists from your insurance network no matter what you may hear.

You are free to choose a dentist that you feel will give you the best care. Dr. Kwan and Dr. Hsu accept several dental insurance plans in California including Delta Dental of California and MetLife. Let their team help you maximize your health and dental benefits.

Many dentists within your tightly-defined network plan are limited in the procedures they can provide, and they are forced to see a set number of patients each day – this can result in an endless waiting game with sometimes upwards of twenty or more people in the waiting room!

At Nu Smile, we are the opposite of turnstile dentistry and emphasize the quality of your care. We have designed our schedule to see a couple of new patients per day instead of twenty. We have a calm, relaxed atmosphere and we are accepting new dental patients who want one-on-one time with their doctor and aren’t endlessly waiting for dental care.

In a high-volume, insurance-driven practice the staff shuffles patients back and forth to seat as many patients per day and is referred to as dentistry on roller skates. You could sit in a waiting room chair and then again in the dental chair for hours to get a simple filling, all while your dentist “skates” out of the room to see other patients. It seems like they’re always on the move, with little or no time spent with you.

At your first visit to Nu Smile, you will quickly notice that we schedule time with your doctor to speak with them eye-to-eye and with the mask down. This personal level of communication means you will be able to spend quality time asking questions and getting one-on-one care before, during, and after dental treatment.

While every dental office is different, your health will always be the most critical factor at Nu Smile Roseville Dental. We have advanced training in implantology, TMJ treatment, cosmetic dental smile makeovers, same-day makeovers, and provide exceptional general dental care.

Dr. Arthur Kwan is also one of our area’s qualified CEREC trainers and regularly travels to teach other dental offices in central and west California the hands-on methods and technology behind single-visit crowns and veneers.

Instead of worrying about whether you’ll get quality care or how much everything will cost, make a reservation with a Nu Smile dentist that you can trust. In the end, your health should come first, and a building relationship with your dentist will be a factor in getting the best care for you.