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“I need a dentist who cares…”

April 16, 2019

We often hear patients and their families talk about a lack of quality time spent with their doctor. Why is it so hard to find a doctor or dentist who can slow down, focus on my needs and goals, and answer all my questions?

Let’s paint a picture of the typical doctor experience.

You wait with at least 10 other people to see your doctor or dentist, right? When it’s your turn, the assistant you may or may not know calls out your first name. You whiz to “the back” only to twiddle your thumbs or update your Facebook status while you wait some more.  Are you deposited into a cold room or sterile chair only to see the assistant vanish?

Do they even hear you when you are talking? Hello!?

Do the assistant’s eyes glaze over if you have any questions about the procedure? In this scenario, it’s possible that you have already waited an eternity to see your doctor or dentist. What about the 10 or more other paying patients waiting? Are they thinking the same thing? Is there a better dental experience out there? Help!?

It’s a common joke that dentists practice on roller skates. In fact, there are accounts of some patients that sit in the dental chair for two hours for a simple filling. The dentist was in the room for less than 20 minutes with no introduction…then rushed to the next patient.

The staff pushes the dentist from room to room. This is practicing on roller skates and is the opposite of customer care. It is only designed this way so the doctor can see as many patients as possible in a day.

This does not happen at Dr. Kwan’s and Dr. Hsu’s premier Roseville Dental practice. They want to know you and your goals for a healthy smile.

The fact is you have a choice when it comes to your dental healthcare. Are you settling or choosing a lower quality experience only because that’s where they accept your benefit? Are you letting insurance dictate what quality healthcare looks like? Did you know that it doesn’t matter what type insurance benefit you have? We will work with them all to maximize your benefit.

We focus on YOU and what you expect

Make a reservation to meet Dr. Arthur Kwan and Dr. Sally Hsu. They devote their time to understand your goals and want to help you live a healthy, pain-free, life.

The proof is in your dental visit at Nu Smile

Roseville’s premier dental experience is a relaxing, calm atmosphere with two highly decorated and advanced trained dentists using the latest in digital dentistry. If you are in the Roseville, Rocklin, or greater Sacramento area, give the dentists and the Nu Smile team a chance to reset your expectation of a dental visit.