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AgilityGuard Works for Athletes and Armchair Quarterbacks

April 16, 2019

I am not an athlete, yet can I still benefit from an AgilityGuard?

The answer is absolutely! The concept of finding the best or “Optimized” bite embedded in the AgilityGuard, not only will address the needs of an athlete as stated above, but will help cushion weakened teeth, and will help protect and slow down the rate of tooth wear from grinding and soreness from clenching. Many non athletes have reported that in addition to decreasing grinding, it also has allowed everyday activities to be carried out with ease, less effort with yard work around the house, have agreed that there may be a place as an application to facilitate and make traditional childbirth easier.

This is because the device allows for the person to clench into an optimized position, correcting for posture and muscle imbalance, and as a result unleash the body to be able to accomplish the hard task at hand, for example childbirth, or picking up an extremely heavy object. The beauty of the device is that while the mouth is clenched upon the device, the airway has been optimized for maximum airway opening and oxygen blood perfusion, which is very important for a successful outcome.

It will not, however, address, symptoms such as tension headaches, migraines, ringing and discomfort in the ears, neck and shoulder discomfort, certain upper, mid-, and lower back issues, in addition to numbness in the wrists and fingertips. To be able to address those issues, an even more precise dental device called an orthotic, will need to be prescribed for those specific situations. Want to see the AgilityGuard in action? Visit their website, here.

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